Devine Family - Redding CA Family Photographer

Meet the Devine family. Keith and Shauna are coworkers of mine and also newlyweds. We met at the infamous Diestelhorst Bridge here in Redding recently to capture their new family of eight. It's quite the Brady Bunch type story with 3 boys and 3 girls between them.

Thank you Keith and Shauna for choosing me to capture this beautiful new family of yours!

I love shooting on this bridge. The light is just beautiful and the walls on the side frame each shot so nicely. In the fall the trees in the background are a beautiful mix of yellow and red foliage that adds a perfect punch of color in portraits. Unfortunately for those of us trying to photograph there it's also a very popular walking path. But that's where a little skill with photoshop comes in. You'd never guess that there were two people standing near the railing on the right hand side of the bridge in the picture above.

The kids and I also had a great time playing in the leaves as usual. I remember as a child that I would watch my mom raking leaves for hours. Then as soon as she would finish I'd jump in the pile. I guess most kids probably would love to do the same. It always brings out the natural smiles for portraits.

This group photo below will go down as one of my all time favorites. The colors, the lamps, the bridge all just right. But more so everyone is being themselves. You can totally get and idea of their personalities just by the way they posed themselves. The two littlest boys on the left look like they've been caught getting in trouble. The young girl on the right is so serious and reserved, having wrapped herself up in her over-sized sweater. I just love it, and thankfully they did too!