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This adorable little girl is Dahlia and she is celebrating her first birthday! What perfect timing for a photo session too...because WILDFLOWERS! Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely obsessed with wildflower season. Dahlia's mother and I had originally planned on taking her portraits at the Turtle Bay gardens. But on my way home the day before her session I spotted this perfect patch of Blue Bonnets so we switched things up. It's not too often that these beautiful flowers grace the north state so this was quite the treat!

But it get's even better! As we were driving out to the Blue Bonnets I spotted this little grove of spectacular red flowers. I don't know what they are, but man are they gorgeous! We were so lucky to catch them. Every time I've seen them they only last for about 2-3 days. Then they disappear as fast as they had appeared.

If you recognize this little girl it's probably because she is one of my Baby Plan participants. Meaning that I've been photographing her milestones since her newborn portrait session, which you can see here.

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Meek Family - Family Portraits in Redding CA

I feel like I never really know what to write for these things. Obviously I'm a visual artist, writing is not exactly my strong suit...like at all. So here goes...

What do you think of when you imagine family photos? Probably everyone posed neatly together, facing the camera with big cheesy smiles. That's all fine and dandy I suppose. I have several images like that hanging on my own walls. But are they my favorites? No, not at all. 

The images that I love, that I look back on years later and smile, are REAL moments. Moments that capture pure emotion. Moments that make me feel something every time I look at those images. Joy, love, laughter, tenderness, excitement. I mean that's why we do photography anyhow, right? That's why we're taking pictures on our cell phones all the time. Because we want to capture memories, moments, how we really are.

That is what I want for my clients. Sure, I'm happy to send you home with a few of the traditional poses. After all, they do have their place on holiday cards and as gifts for Grandparents. But I want you to have MORE than just that. I want you to look back on these images and think about how much fun we had during the session, the joy you felt playing with your children, the gentle touch of their hands, and the love you feel for your partner.

Dani D specializes in fine art style portraits of seniors, expectant mothers, newborn babies and children. Based in Redding, CA she also serves the greater north state area of California including Chico, Red Bluff, Anderson, Mount Shasta and Cottonwood. If you would like to schedule a session for your growing family please click here.